PokéTsume (Pack Your Pocket With Adventure) Pokémon Live Action Series

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Premiering in Japan on October 19th, 2023, PokéTsume follows Madoka Akagi (Nanase Nishino), a young girl who is looking for new adventures in her otherwise mundane life.

This Pokemon live-action series will be presented as a drama.

The show hopes to jive with an audience that seeks a unique spinoff between real-life issues and a game we all love.

Madoka begins her post-college life working for an advertisement agency hoping to create content and change the world.

While in Tokyo, Madoka realizes the life she had dreamed about isn’t as glamorous as she imagined.

Over time, she realizes that the corporate world is soul-sucking. She begins questioning her life purpose.

Soon after, Madoka receives a package from her mother containing old souvenirs, including a GameBoy and a copy of Pokémon Red.

As she pops in her Pokémon Red cartridge in her yellow GameBoy, an interesting crossover between life parallels and the game begins.

What’s interesting about the show is that characters will be based on specific Pokemon.

In the show, Kageaki Hiyama is reportedly based on Charmander, who feels his flame is about to be extinguished.

In the trailer, we see a character screaming like he’s evolving. Immediately, the trailer shows Magikarp transforming into Gyarados.

From the looks of the newly released trailer, Madoka views her real-life boss much like the game boss. She uses the game to overcome many challenges presented to her in the real world.

In 2022, Nishino won a Japan Academy Film Prize – the Japanese equivalent of the Oscars – for Newcomer of the Year for her role in the crime film Last of the Wolves.

I’m excited to hear about her love for Pokemon. In two separate statements, she stated,

“I was surprised to receive this offer just days after I’d told a friend that I’d like to work on something related to Pokémon someday.”


“I’m very happy because I’m part of the generation that grew up with Pokémon, having played most of the series from the first to the latest.”

Watch the Trailer Here !

As of right now, there is no plan for an international release. Hoping for success, we can only wish it’ll be subbed, dubbed, and released for all viewers.