Pokemon Shiny Treasure EX has been Officially Revealed!

Were you a fan of “baby shiny” Pokemon? If so, Pokemon is releasing “Shiny Treasure EX” in Japan on December 1st, 2023.

The set will include 190 cards before secret rares.

Looking closely, this shiny Charizard ex is card #331/190 so we can safely assume that there will be over 150 secret rare cards in this set!

The set will feature reprints from last year. The kicker is that they will have shiny Pokemon as secret rares. They will be alternate artworks.

In the past, sets like VMAX Climax and Shiny Star V featured similar artwork!

As a specialty set, Shiny Treasure Ex should come with 10 cards. Each booster pack comes with a guaranteed Pokemon ex.

These Japanese cards should become part of the yet-to-be-named set released in English in January 2024.