GameStop Pokemon Play and Trade Event

Last Updated on October 3, 2023 by dashespoke

Similar to their event in 2019 when GameStop and Pokemon came together to Celebrate Sun & Moon-Unified Minds, GameStop and Pokemon are back at it!

The freebies at the time of the 2019 event were “a special oversized Pokémon TCG booster pack that contains a mini pack with 3 Pokémon TCG cards, a Pokémon coin, an activity sheet, and a guide to trading.”

This year, select GameStop stores in the U.S. will hold a “Trade & Play” event on October 7th!

This year, participants will receive a free “Trade & Play” kit. Previous versions of these kits have included a Fun Pack and items like sticker sheets and puzzles. (Fun Packs come with two common cards and a reverse holo card, which can be a common, uncommon, or rare.)

The event is being held on October 7th to promote the release of Detective Pikachu Returns! Keep in mind, the second wave of Pokemon 151 is coming so be sure to purchase some product!

Click here to find a local participating shop near you!