The Four Best Ways To Organize Pokémon Cards

If you’ve just started collecting or are a seasoned collector looking for different ways to organize Pokémon cards, you’re in the right place. There are thousands of Pokémon cards, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve run out of space. The most important aspect of organizing Pokémon cards is limiting what you want to collect. … Read more

First Pokemon Obsidian Flames Card Images Revealed!

Looks like TPCi’s European branches have some Obsidian Flames leaks for us! Pokemon Obsidian Flames will be a combination of Japanese Ruler of the Black Flame, May’s ex Special Sets, July’s ex Starter Decks, and some card’s from the English Paldea Evolved set! A few of these cards are in foreign languages. Rough translations provided! … Read more

Top Deck Top Loader Binder Review

Top Deck’s Top loader binder has the touch, look, and feel of a premium binder but does it hold up? Having the binder for over a year now, I can tell you what I LOVE about the binder and what’s not so great. Top Deck’s Toploader binder is one of those premium binders that is … Read more

Metal Pokemon cards (Are they real?)

Pikachu Metal Card

Every now and then, I see a gold Pokémon card, and I think to myself, “Is that real?” In most cases, the answer is no… However, metal Pokémon cards DO exist! Metal Pokémon cards are real! Currently, there are four metal Pokémon Cards. A base set Pikachu replica, base set Charizard replica, a Arceus V … Read more

Iono Full Art Pokemon TCG Live Code!

Iono Pokemon TCG Code

During the 2023 Pokémon North America International ChampionshipsTCG livestream, a Pokémon TCG Live code to receive a Ultra Rare Iono card is being distributed! Use the code: NAIC23Whosawhatsit 100,000 Available Limit 1 per account – Use by: July 10, 2023

Pokemon Art Walk (Yokohama Minatomirai)

Pokemon Art Walk

If you’re going to the PokémonWorlds 2023, don’t forget to check out the Pokémon Art Walk. Four exhibitions will be on display in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai district! Also, check out this article on all the information you need to know about Pokemon Worlds 2023! These exhibitions are from 06.27.2023 – 09.30.2023. Pokémon Card 151 Illustration … Read more

Pokemon Holloween Cards: Trick or Trade BOOster Packs 2023

Pokemon Holloween Packs

“Trick or Trade” Booster packs are back! They have a release date on September 1st, 2023. MSRP is $19.99 Last year’s bags featured 40 packs for $14.99. This year bags will contain 50 packs! Features *Gamestop has a pre-order currently. Pro members will save $1.00 and pay $18.99 Will you be buying any BOOster packs?

Pokemon Worlds 2023 (Everything You Need to Know!)

Pokémon Worlds 2023 is ready to set the stage in Yokohama, Japan! Here is all the important information you need to know before going! The near week-long event is from August 8th, 2023 to August 14, 2023.   You must register before attending. Register here! A digital ticket is required for all events. Due to … Read more

Scarlet & Violet – 151

Pokemon 151 English Set Products

The Japanese Pokemon version of Scarlet & Violet – 151 dubbed Pokemon Card 151 will be the English version of the set! The product’s release date is set to be on September 22, 2023. The English set is almost identical to the Japanese Set. According to Pokemon, the set will include Two Illustration Rares and … Read more

How to Dress like Team Rocket: Cynthia (Cosplay Costume)

How to be like Cynthia from Pokemon In order to really look like Cynthia from Pokemon, you have to understand her character! She is one of the most powerful trainers in the Pokémon universe. She is a Sinnoh Region Champion. Cynthia has long blonde hair and has a composed demeanor at all times. She is … Read more

How to Dress like Team Rocket: Jessie Cosplay Costume

How to be like Jessie from Pokemon In order to really look like Jessie from Pokemon, you have to understand her character! She is a villainous character that belongs to the Team Rocket Trio. The trio is comprised of Jessie, James, and Meowth. Jessie has a multifaceted personality. Although her main goal is to capture … Read more

10 Easy Pokémon to Draw (with Video Tutorials)

Learning how to draw can be fun! Especially by drawing Pokémon. Most people focus on particular elements of drawing that can be extremely challenging. This guide will enable you to draw your favorite Pokémon sketch. Basic shapes are a part of how you learn how to draw. So grab your pencil, start with easy poké … Read more

Amazing Rare Pokémon cards (The Complete Guide!)

All Pokemon Amazing Rare Cards

Are you looking for information on the mythical Pokémon cards called ‘amazing rares’? Look no further; here is the complete guide to amazing rare cards! Amazing rare Pokémon cards are either Legendary or Mythical Pokémon. The cards feature a rainbow of colors extending beyond the card’s border while keeping the Pokémon in the card’s frame. … Read more

What is a Pokemon God Pack? ( All Sets Included!)

Pokemon god packs are a real and rare phenomenon. The chances of getting your hands on a Pokemon god pack are few and far between. Currently, there are only four sets that contain a god pack. The latest set to feature a god pack is Vstar Universe. This is a set that can only be … Read more

The 8 Best Pokemon Cupcake and Cake Designs (w/ Toppers)

Are you looking for ideas to make Pokemon cupcakes to cakes? Look no further. I’ve found the most creative cupcakes and easy-to-make recipes to get you started. After trying to create Pokemon Cupcakes myself, I learned that people can be extremely creative. I searched the internet for the best-looking (and appealing) Pokemon birthday cake and … Read more

Pokemon Card Sleeve Size Explained

Size of a Pokemon Card

You should always put your Pokemon Cards in sleeves. But what card sleeves and what size? First, you want a penny sleeve. Penny sleeves are thin sleeves that provide a small amount of protection. Additionally, you want to put your Pokemon card into a penny sleeve and then into a top loader. Top loaders are … Read more

Favorite Pokemon Of Each Type (A Fun way to create your list)

Favorite Type of Pokemon

Want a fun way to create a list of your favorite Pokemon from each type? Trying to create a list of your child’s favorite Pokemon? Thankfully, a user by the name of ‘CajunAvenger’ on Github has created an easy way to do that. He/She even made it downloadable. Head to the app created by CajunAvenger … Read more

Pokemon: This Gym of Mine (4 Tips you must know)

Have you ever wanted to become a Pokémon Gym Leader? Pokémon This Gym of Mine allows you to become the most powerful gym leader anyone has ever seen. I played the game and LOVED it. Here are the best tips and things you MUST know to give you a competitive edge. Here are four tips … Read more