Van Gogh Pikachu Second and Third Wave Coming!

If you missed out on the ‘Van Gogh Pikachu’ here’s your chance!

Intertoys and MediaMarkt stores have announced they will be releasing Pikachu Van Gogh promos this Saturday, February 24th. You will need to spend 30 euros on Pokemon TCG products to receive the card.

Sorry USA fans, no news on that front yet. However, expect prices to come down!



How Many Van Gogh Pikachu's Are Each Store Getting?

Depending on the store’s location, we can expect about 150 copies per store. Smaller stores received as little as 75 copies, while larger stores received 750+ copies.

Of note, Primera and Bruna stores will also get a restock this weekend. Each store received between 25 to 75 copies.


Van Gogh Pikachu

Van Gogh Pikachu TCG Pricing

Van Gogh Pikachu Pricing as been up and down. As of Feburary 2024, the market price (according to TCGPlayer) is about $115 USD. As more are released, I expect prices to come down. However, I am not quite sure it’ll ever go below $100.