Special Eevee and Pikachu "Pokemon Together Stamped Promo's at Poke Post

TPCI UK built some amazing “Poke Post’s” all over UK, France, and Germany for the month’s of November and December. 

Fans can go to each Poke Post and mail a free Pokemon TCG gift pack to a friend or family member…or dare I say it..to yourself! Shhhh

No reservations are required! There will also be guest appearances by Pikachu and Eevee for photo opportunities!

Each Pokemon Gift pack will contain a stamped Pikachu or Eevee promo card. 


However, US fans are out of luck. Gift packs can only be mailed to mainland UK, Metropolitan France, and domestic Germany.

The “Poké Post” pop up will be present at the following locations between 10:00 am and 7:30 pm local time:

  • Saturday 18 November:  Castle Street, Edinburgh
  • Wednesday 22 November: The Hayes, Cardiff
  • Saturday 25 November: Place de La Défense, Paris
  • Saturday 2 December: Westfield La Part-Dieu, Lyon
  • Wednesday 6 December: Pasing Arcaden, Munich
  • Saturday 9 December: Mercedes Platz, Berlin
  • Saturday 16 December: Ruhr Park, Bochum
  • Tuesday 19 December: Queen’s Walk, London
Check out this video for an exclusive look!