Pokemon Rip Card Test (Is your Pokemon card Real?)

If you just bought a Pokémon card you might just question if it’s real. 

There are many ways to find out if your card is real but there is only one ultimate way to find out.

The Pokémon Rip Card Test

The one (irreversible) way to find out if your Pokémon card is real is to rip it! English Pokémon cards have a black graphite laminate layer inside of the card. Japanese Pokémon cards have a blue layer inside of the card.

How are Pokémon cards made?

Counterfeiting Pokémon cards is an extremely hard process (thank goodness)!

Pokémon Cards are made from cardstock. This is a special kind of paper that is made of multiple layers of softwood and hardwood. 

Cardstock is a heavy-weight paper that is thicker and more durable than regular printing or writing paper.

Because making a real Pokémon card is so complex, imitation versions simply cannot duplicate the quality. 

What is the black layer inside of a Pokémon Card?

As mentioned before, this graphite laminate layer is the distinguishing factor before real and fake Pokémon card. 

As you can see here, this thin black paper makes this a real Pokemon card!

What is the blue layer inside of a Pokémon Card?

Like the English cards, Japanese Pokémon cards have a security layer, if you will, to their cards also.

As seen in the picture below, there is a very faint blue lining of paper in Japanese Pokémon cards.

The real Pokémon card seen below has a very faint blue layer. The feel of the card is also not slick but has a textured feel to the card.

Japanese Pokemon Cards have a blue layer that is incredible hard to reproduce. 

I don't want to rip my card, What do I do?

Because Pokémon cards are so hard to replicate, fake cards are easy to spot. Instead of ripping your card, bring it to your local game store. 

Local card shop employees have a keen eye for fake duplicates. 

Additionally, if you scour the internet on how to tell fake cards from real ones, there are ton of resources, including this one here.

Looking at coloring, texture, and text print are some of the most basic ways to tell real cards from fake ones. 

The Light Test

No time to go to a card store?

The light test is simple. Grab a flashlight or your phone light and shine it though the card. Fake cards tend to be thin. If the light shines through the card easily, it is most likely fake. 

This real Celebi card has an iPhone Light Directly underneath it. Although the light does pass through it does not shine through the entire card. 

If the entire card lights up, it is fake. 

Real cards are thicker and the light has a hard time passing through the entire card.


What other Trading Card Games does the 'Rip Test' work on?

Here is a list of all trading card games I’ve tested this theory on! Check out this other post on how to tell if you have fake product!