Charizard EX Promo (Oversize)

An oversized Charizard is coming soon! The Charizard EX promo is coming with a set stamp of the Scarlet & Violet – Obsidian Flames.

On November 17th, 2023 a French version was first seen at Smythstoys in France. 

This card was floating around on twitter but we could not locate an origin. Recently,, a site that also shares the latest Pokemon news had an update!

Seems as though TPCI was in contact with those folks and had confirmed that the promotion card is legitimate. 

Pokeguardian’s updates include finding the card in the Netherlands and Germany.

They state:

Update: We have found new distribution for the Netherlands. This promo will be given out at Intertoys Netherlands stores if you spend 25 euro’s or more on Pokemon Trading Card Game products online or in stores.

Update 2: “We have found the German distribution, this is at VEDES stores if you spend 10 euro’s or more on Pokemon Trading Card Game products in stores.”

This card is also available at Lekia Stores in Sweeden.


25 Eruo’s or more on Pokemon products online OR in stores gets you the promo!


Smythostoys – promotion only in-store (image per




Must spend 10 Euros on Pokemon product. In-store only!