Pokemon 151 Restock is Coming to Japan!

Last Updated on July 10, 2023 by dashespoke

Pokemon is shipping more ‘Pokemon 151’ to stores in Japan!

Most retailers in Japan will be receiving Pokemon 151 on July 21st. However, don’t expect the product to be in stores for a few weeks.

Stores are being urged to slowly release products to stop people from buying up all of the boxes.

Pokemon made the original announcement via their website that 151 would be “made-to order.” Other news has also mentioned that Pokemon will continue to ship out monthly waves of boxes through the rest of 2023.

As we’ve seen, even with news that Pokemon is printing to meet demand, the gorgeous cards are still highly sought after and hard to find.

Usually, Pokemon won’t issue a re-print so quickly. In the past, several months will pass before a new shipment is sent out.